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Dec 4, 2012 9:00am PST
, when you go to new york next, you may want to chat with roger and rupert. >> rupert's after me. >> i don't know if you heard that at end of the audio clip. michael -- david patreaus says there to k.t. mcfarland, rupert is after me as well, that's referring to the chairman of news corp., which is the parent company of fox news. rupert murdoch. and but roger ailes did give a comment to "the washington post" saying that this was sort of a lighthearted conversation that went on between k.t. mcfarland and david patreaus that this was never any intent on his part to convey to the general he wanted him to run for president and it says here, it was more of a joke, a quote wiseass way i have. i thought the republican primarily field needed to be shaken up and patreaus might be a good candidate. sounds like she thought she was on a secret mission. in the reagan administration she was way out of line. someone's fantasy to make me a kingmaker. it's not my job. they go on to say, roger ailes offering to step down at fox news to run potential patreaus campaign. he is denying that as well. we've re
Dec 9, 2012 11:00am EST
. >>> a fox contributor caught on tape saying that ales and rupert murdoch wanted him to run for president and ailes might quite the network to help him. >> he said if you're offering chairman, take it. if you're offering nels else, don't take it, resign and run for president. okay. i know you're not running for president but at some point you way management to chat with roger. >> well, rupert's after me as well. >> was ales crossing the line or was fox analysis kmt t. mcfarland just exaggerating. jake tapper travels to tell the story of brave american joerlds who fought and in some cases died there. we'll ask him why this war has vanished from the media's radar screen. >>> conversation with soledad o'brien. >>> plus, a veteran reporter struggles to the tell the story of his son's problems takes him to visit bill clinton and george bush and realizes he must dig deep sbeer his own shortcomings as a father. ron foreign yeah on the pain and promise of personal journalism. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." -- captions by vitac -- >>> the most memorable moment on su
Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
, petraeus said rupert murdoch, the owner of news corp, also reached out to him. >> you might want to chat with roger and rupert mourdock for that matter. >> cenk: rupert is after me, too, i bet. who ising going to bankroll it? who is going to lead the campaign? let's sort it out. >> bankroll it? >> maybe i'm confusing that with rupert. >> i think bankrolling is the big boss. the big boss is bankrolling it. the rest of us are going to be your in-house. >> okay. >> we're all set. >> cenk: yeah, they're all set. they were ready to go, man. they have this little thing hatched up. they send in somebody to "interview" him and give him what they would like. it's amazing. it's amazing. and then if doesn't just go one way. it goes both ways. petraeus was also asked what would you like us to do on fox news? watch. >> i love roger. >> i know, and he loves you. and i'm supposed to say directly from him to you through me is first of all is there anything that fox is doing right or wrong that you want to tell us to do differently. >> cenk: all right, so apparently they're willing to take orders from p
Dec 24, 2012 4:00am PST
obviously rupert murdoch owns "the new york post" as he owns several other conservative publications and conservative networks. and murdoch got out early -- actually tweeting and getting some statements out early on saying what are we doing here? i mean, being shocked by the carnage. i wonder if that's going to have an impact across his other publications and news stations. >> we'll see if that happens. but to have, as you were pointing out, to have "the new york post" take this strong stance for, joe, for you to take the strong sans you've taken, if we're going to have any movement here, the people, the advocates who want some sort of regulation on firearms are going to need to be joined by folks at the "new york post," by folks like joe scarborough, by conservatives who can guide the conversation in a way that, yes, protects the second amendment right to bear arms but to reck naz the fact as you said earlier, no right is absolute. and if we're going to get to a place where we can all live in safety, then democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, progressives all have t
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm PST
elementary school, rupert murdock tweeted "when will the politicians find the courage to ban weapons" today, weapons designed expressly to kill human beings and then modified to meet the federal machine gun ban have no legitimate place in american society. time to get rid of them. here is republicanscarb scarborough. >> do they want to be seen two years or four years as the party of glocks, the party of bushmasters, the party of combat-style military weapons, rapid fire clips. >> if they want to go around and debate that for the next four years, good luck. >> if we're having to defend 10 mm glocks, bushmasters. >> ridiculous. >> assault-styled weapons we will lose. >> and here is what they are saying on the cable news network owned by rupert murdock. >> if the feds can tighten up gun laws without violating constitutional laws, they should do so. we can tighten up the purchase of guns, and particularly heavy weapons, like the ars. we can tighten them up. i would support, for example, anybody owning the ar would have to register with the fbi. so the fbi would have to know who has these weapon
Comedy Central
Dec 10, 2012 11:30pm PST
and that was rupert. >> i think one is bankrolling it. >> big boss is bankrolling it. rogg certificate going to run and the rest of russ going to be here in-house. >> stephen: okay so, if petraeus ran for president murdoch would pay for it, ailes would manage it, and fox news would sell it though their audience. now if you think about it, a news network choosing the candidate sounds like a conflict of interest. so don't think about it. because it's not really about conflict of interest. ailes said he did it because the republican field needed to be shaken up. so it was really just worried about casting his reality show. as a tv producer ailes was trying to avoid a repeat of 2008 when republicans nominated this cranky old guy who-- how to make a star. like watching a matlock marathon about who killed the economy. they couldn't save the john mccain show even by making his running mate honey boo boo. (laughter) now unfortunately, i think that's who that is. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: honey boo boo, a dollah makes me holda. now unfortunately, petraeus turned down roger ailes, i assume, to spend
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
for smart phones. media mogul rupert murdoch will split into two corporations next year. under the plan announced on monday the reorganized news corporation will manage newspapers and other publications. a new group will focus on entertainment including tv and movies. the decision to split comes after a phone hacking scandal at one of murdoch's newspapers in britain last year. murdoch is expected to maintain firm control over the new companies. he plans to manage fox group as chief executive and serve as chairman for both firms. that's the latest in business for this hour. here is a look again at markets. >>> investigators are trying to understand why highway tunnel near tokyo collapsed. panels gave way trapping people inside. nine people were killed. the accident happened sunday morning along a highway connecting tokyo to other parts of central japan. operators say both holding up concrete panels on the ceiling may have been defective. more than 300 panels fell. the debris covered a distance of more than 100 meters. three vehicles were trapped inside. firefighters say all three were bu
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
jamie and kim rupert and peter stoneum. also here with us today bob and connie laurie. peter and debbie mc clawlin. bill and sally newco. and now let's give it up for your giants training staff. david, mark and carl, and harold. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] your assistant coaches. shawn dun can, dave stone and the there will will clark. [cheers and applause] . and the manager for the past 54 years the legendary one, mike murphy. [cheers and applause] and we would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the giants alumni that we have here today including former giants manager feleap laua and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election just a few days away so a round of applause for all of our vip and special guests. and now at this time we would also like to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners. we must acknowl
Dec 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
have american civil war. we can read -- to you want to read american civil war? >> we also have rupert murdoch. you can't really see. rupert murdoch, australian-born american media mogul who despite being an utterly irredeemable piece of human trash this smiling in this picture for some reason. we also have arson, a term used when the purity of setting something of flame gets all tainted by police and lawyers. one more in them were done. >> insurance. >> we must have insurance and here. maybe not. >> we have hiller. >> recently have hitler. >> did you say hitler? >> we do have insurance. regular p fate to a company to ensure that in the event of damage, alice, lost more death the company will withhold payment . >> we should turn. thank you so much. we will have questions later. >> i'm going to stand up here. it's farther from seven well. given up. >> i am a huge fan. i always have been. it's true. >> we are just getting shed on. >> i'll know. long an advocate of the death penalty for whoever is responsible for making a switch to lower flow. we have great toward its in this country at o
Dec 9, 2012 6:30pm PST
like ge and murdoch's news corporation to take them over and subsidize them, the same way rupert murdoch does the tabloid "new york post" here in new york. how do you respond to that? >> well, i think the issue that the fcc has got to worry about is not the economics of newspapers but what media means and does for the american people. and if you talk about cost effectiveness, yes, i suppose it is true that if you have one company that owns dozens of television stations and newspapers and radio stations, they could do it more, quote unquote, "cost effectively." what's the logical conclusion of that argument? maybe we should have one entity, maybe rupert murdoch should own all media in america. he can do it very, very cost effectively. is that what we want? the fcc is not dealing with widget production. it is dealing with the issue of how we create a vibrant democracy, where people hear all points of view and can come up with the best decisions that we can as a nation. >> would that be your response to the argument that the other side makes that the fcc is strangling, with slow reg
Dec 4, 2012 4:00am PST
paper, rupert murdoch is speeding through the split-up of his media empire. in june, murdoch announced that news corporation would split into two, separating publishing assets from the more lucrative film and television arm of the business. news corp. announced additional deatils of the split this week, including the shuttering of the daily, a tablet-only publication that has struggled to find a foothold in the marketplace. a major deal is happening in the dairy industry. in an attempt to milk more from the u.s. market, canada's largest dairy processor, saputo, is buying the morningstar unit of dean foods for $1.45 billion. morningstar's products include creamers, ice cream and cottage cheese. dean foods, the largest dairy producer in the u.s., based in dallas, is in downsizing mode. the deal with saputo is expected to close at the end of the year. the mayor of newark, new jersey is about to go on a strict diet. starting today, cory booker will live on food stamps for a week - that means spending only $4 a day for all of his food. booker accepted the challenge in a twitter debate with
Dec 5, 2012 2:00am PST
and his boss is rupert murdoch seeing fox bring in a huge amount of money. one of the problems with the empire right now and they're breaking off the publishing side and t.v. movie side, you have a lucrative business and struggling business, newspaper publishing. roger ails is firmly a key part of the empire making a lot of money. >> ails oversees the t.v. rupert murdoch loves the print and open uses the t.v. empire to subs disease the print. all right, thank you both for your time tonight. >> filmmaker ken bushes on >> there's nothing more horrifying to our sense of justice than a wrongful conviction. it destroys innocent lives. this was one of the worths in our city's history. in 1989, a woman was brutally attacked and raped jogging in central park. five black and lieu teen know teenagers were arrested and charged, convicted and spent years in prison. the real assailant confessed to the crime in 2002. it was a complete and total failure on the part of the justice system and media. this is the subject of a movie currently in theaters. >> i look back at the jogger case and wish
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 3:00pm PST
was the mother of four children, including rupert murdock. patron of the arts she contributed to estimated 100 charities annually. many of them concerned with the health of children. in 1963, elizabeth murdock was made a dane commander of the order of the british empire. one of britain's highest civilian honors for her services for social welfare. australia bestowed a similar order companion of australia in 1989. prior to her 100th birthday, the australian prime minister called her woman with turbo charge for her community service in her advanced years. on behalf of her extended family, rupert murdock said his mother would be mourned by countless thousands of australians whose lives she touched. we lost the most wonderful mother but we're grate to feel have had love and wisdom for many years he said in a stat statement. throughout the life demonstrated best qualities of public service. the energy and personal commitment made the country a more hopeful place. she will be missed by many. dame elizabeth murdock survived by 77 direct dekren dents, 50 great grandchildren and six great, great grandc
Dec 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
, she says, was rupert murdoch, head of fox news parent company news corp ration. but petraeus repeatedly shoots down the idea. after he later accepted the job at the cia, mcfarland went on fox to talk about her conversation with the general, but never mentioned the ailes' offer. >> i think that he doesn't want to run. i asked him that question and he said i'm not running for president. >> reporter: ailes said he did ask mcfarland to approach petraeus, but added -- >> cnn media critic howard kirk says one part of the pitch is because in. >> the idea that rupert murdoch would bankroll it is not that far-fetched. >> reporter: murdoch repeatedly injected himself in the race, saying mitt romney last week, tough chicago pros will be hard to beat unless he drops old friends from team. and romney people upset at me. of course i want him to run, save us from socialism. republican operatives say they had a sense during the campaign that some at fox had their favorites. >> you do have people over there that had candidates they weren't shy about saying stuff about. >> reporter: that opera
Dec 4, 2012 11:00am PST
for president. but at some point when you go to new york next, you may want to just chat with roger and rupert -- >> well, rupert, look, what i have told people is that, you know, i truly want to continue to serve my country if it is in a -- you know, quite significantly meaningful position and there is all of about two of those in the world. >> howard kurtz, good to see you, sir. roger ailes tells the post, yes, he did tell k.t. mcfarland, made the offer but more of a -- but more of a joke. do you buy that? >> well, the reason i don't completely buy is because ailes is not denying it and as i've reported in the past, he is a former republican strategist, has a history of meeting privately with people like mitt romney and other candidates on the gop side when they were r running. he likes to keep his fingers in the political pie a little bit. >> why would he care? what would be in it for roger ailes? . >> i don't think that's the way to look at it. roger ailes i know really cares about the country. he's made no secret of his conservative views. he may have believed general petraeus was a great
FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
. she was the mother of rupert her dock. she was surround by her family in her home. she was the generous supporters of so many causes. she devoted her life to helping other people. she was the wife of sir keith murdoch. she was the mother to four people, including rupert murdoch. she is survived by 77 direct descendants, including 50 great grandchildren and 6 great-great grandchildren. rupert murdoch says his mother will be mourned by countless australians whose lives she has touched. her energy and personal commitment made our country a more hopeful place and she'll be missed by many. bill: what a life. martha: 77 direct descendants is remarkable. bill: remember the good times, they are all good times. 16 minutes past the hour. an 8-day strike that brought two of the nation's busiest ports to a grinding halt is over. a tentative deal brokered by l.a.'s mayor means the clerks are set to return to work today. >> we took on these challenges and tonight we are able to reach an agreement. my 10,000 long shore workers in the ports of l.a.-long beach will start moving cargo on
Dec 4, 2012 8:00am PST
that the chief of news corporation, rupert murdoch, and don't forget news corporation owns fox news, that that chief of news corporation would bankroll his run for president. howard kurtz joins me live now from washington via skype. he's the anchor of "reliable sources" on cnn. this is pretty overwhelming stuff, i have to say. to just read it, my first inclination was to say, come on, that can't be true. what was your first reaction? >> there goes roger again because i reported last year ashleigh that roger ailes had dinner with most of the prospective presidential candidates including mitt romney and he gave him some advice about loosening up on the air. so even though he runs a major news channel, roger ailes was a backbattleground in republican politics, he can't resist dabbling in the political game. >> but to suggest a news organization might need some guidance on how to tailor what they're going on the air? >> i don't know if mcfarland was carrying a message from ailes or not. petraeus interestingly enough said fox seemed to turn against the war in afghanistan after it became
Dec 7, 2012 10:00pm PST
taken a beating from conservatives. remember rupert murdoch saying he had a biting post on twitter and said that the governor would be responsible for mr. obama's reelection because of the photo ops he had with him during hurricane sandy. it seems like this is almost christie's red meat to the conservative base saying, look, i may be arm and arm with the president, but at the end of the day, i'm still holding the line on conservative principles. >> i think that's true, although why anybody would pay attention to anything rupert murdoch put on twitter is beyond me. i'm surprised he didn't wiretap them first. but the fact of the matter is there is a lot of posturing and bad governance talked about by the republican governors. in fact, at the end of the day, i think they will be governors first and politicians second. they all take the medicaid money with a possible exception of south carolina, which seems to have a long history of doing things that aren't so good for its population. and i think all those other places have great hospital systems. and the hospital system are going to s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 111 (some duplicates have been removed)